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Jun 09

American Revolution Mohawk Valley Conference

The American Revolution Mohawk Valley Conference

June 9-12, 2022

Conference Speakers/Topics include:

***Please Note - Speakers and Topics subject to change. More speakers will be added.

Fireside Chat with John "Jack" Buchanan and Guest Host Bruce M. Venter - Rice Kings, "Pack of Beggars", and Smelly Continentals -- Revolution in the Deep South with the Swamp Fox, the Gamecock, and other characters "Agile, Mobile, and Hostile"

Edward G. Lengel - Enigmatic Warrior: Light-Horse Harry Lee and the Southern Campaign

William M. Fowler, Jr. - The Revolution's Odd Couple: John Hancock and Samuel Adams

James Kirby Martin - A Contagion of Violence: The Human Slaughter in Frontier New York: 1775-1783

Mark Edward Lender - John Brown's Raid on Fort Ticonderoga in September 1777

Eric H. Schnitzer - Brave and Gallant: Black and African American Military Men at Saratoga

Lindsay M. Chervinsky - Councils of War and the Cabinet: How the Revolutionary War Shaped the Presidency

Craig Bruce Smith - The Interests of Our Dearest Country: Honor and the Continental Army

David Head - George Washington and a Very Mysterious Business: Tracking Down the Newburgh Conspiracy

Christian McBurney - Dark Voyage: An American Privateer's War on Britain's African Slave Trade

Glenn F. Williams - Leadership from Both Sides During the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign of 1779

Robert A. Selig - The Road to Yorktown: Moving the Army from Newport, Rhode Island to Yorktown, Virginia