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Oct 20

Sir William Johnson - F & I Conference

Thank you for attending this year's Sir William Johnson and the Wars for Empire Conference. Next Year's Conferene dates for 2024 to TBD.


Sir William Johnson was a larger than life character who dominated the Mohawk Valley and beyond during the 18th century in warfare, politics, trade and diplomacy. This conference will address aspects of Johnson’s historical impact as well as the larger scope of the great wars for empire. This new Fort Plain Museum conference will offer a look at the colonial era when major personalities, like Sir William, dealt with overlapping cultures and the impact of war on society.

Thank you Lorna Hainesworth (Ambassador/National Traveler) for Sponsoring Lunch on Saturday

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2023 Sir William Johnson Conference Speakers and Bus Tour:

David L. Preston - Head of Faculty - Sir William Johnson and the Struggle for Land and Empire

George Bray - Thomas Davies, Soldier and Artist

Brady J. Crytzer - War in the Peaceable Kingdom: The Kittanning Raid of 1756

Scott Haefner - Defense in Depth: Soldiers, Planters and Manors. Sir William Johnson and the Security of the Northern Frontier

James Kirby Martin - Joseph Brant & Han Yerry: How the French and Indian War Started to Divide the Haudenosaunee Nation

Arthur L. Simmons III and Brian Grills - As to not be discovered: Exploring the Battle of Fort Bull

Timothy J. Todish - Going Beyond Robert Rogers' Journals: New Findings About the Rangers and Their Famed Leader

Len Travers - Our Fortune Depends on Intelligence:” Scouting the Lake George No-man’s Land, 1756

Glenn F. Williams - Not one platoon in the whole army gave way a single step during the whole action: The Battle of Minden, 1759

Bus Tour - The Oswego Campaign of 1756 - Tour Led by George Bray and David Preston


2022 Sir William Johnson Conference Speakers and Bus Tour:

David L. Preston – William Johnson's Shaping of the Operational Environment in 1755

Darren Bonaparte – Wampum: Sir William Johnson and the Haudenosaunee

Robert Emerson - Sir William Johnson and the Siege of Fort Niagara, 1759

Ian Macpherson McCulloch - Warrighiyagey and Brother Bradstreet: The Operational Friction of the 1758 Fort Frontenac Raid

James McIntyre - With Sword in Hand: Johann Ewald and the Small War in the Seven Years' War

Jon-Eric Nelson – Connecticut Provincials at the Battle of Lake George

Jon W. Parmenter – The End of an Atlantic Life: The Death of Sir William Johnson (1774) in Imperial Context

Tim J. Todish – A Most Troublesome Situation: The British Military and the Pontiac Indian Uprising of 1763-1764

Glenn F. Williams – William Johnson and King George’s War (1744-1748)

Bus Tour - Major General William Johnson's Victory, September 8, 1755 - Tour Leaders, David L. Preston and Bruce M. Venter