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Battlefield Study Program

Battles of Stone Arabia and Klock’s Field: a National Park Service Study

Public Meeting and Presentation

Veterans Day - November 11, 2022 at 7 pm

The Fort Plain Museum

389 Canal Street, Fort Plain, NY 13339


The Fort Plain Museum announced that it will host a final public presentation on two local Revolutionary War battles at the Museum on Friday evening November 11th, 7 pm.

Wade Catts and Robert Selig with South River Heritage Consultants, working on behalf of the museum, will present their findings on the Battles of Stone Arabia and Klock’s Field and answer any questions about recommendations for the future preservation of the studied areas.
The museum was the recipient of a 2018 American Battlefield Protection Program Grant which funded the study. South River Heritage Consultants, a firm specializing in Revolutionary War battles, examined the assembled research from both the Battles of Stone Arabia and Klock’s Field fought on October 19, 1780.
The final report will act as a roadmap for future exploration of the multiple battlefield sites The presentation promises to shed new light on the scope of those battles and define the overall boundaries of the battlefield. “Numerous homes, farms, churches and mills were destroyed and many were killed defending their properties”, said museum chairman Norm Bollen. All of those properties within the path of destruction will now be included in the battlefield area, said Bollen.
The study will become the official research report to be filed with the National Park Service and will clear the way for future archaeological and interpretive research grants.
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