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We at the Fort Plain Museum & Historical Park, would like to extend a big heartfelt Thank You to everyone who made our 6th Annual Conference a great success.

More specifically, thank you to our speakers, William M. Fowler, Jr., Christian Di Spigna, Andrew O’Shaughnessy, David O. Stewart, Eric H. Schnitzer, Todd W. Braisted, Katie Turner Getty, Wade P. Catts, Robert A. Selig, James E. Richmond and Wayne Lenig, who all gave top notch entertaining/educational presentations. Thank you to our Conference MC, Bob Cudmore, it was great to hear your "voice" again.

Thank you to the Fulton-Montgomery Community College and their Staff for providing a perfect place to hold our Conference. Thank you to the Holiday Inn Johnstown and Gloversville for providing rooms to our guests and speakers.

Thank you to folks at the Rustic Loft Pub & Grill for providing lunches and refreshments throughout the weekend's events. Thank you to the Raindancer Restaurant for hosting our Speaker Dinner. 

Thank you to the Journal of the American Revolution (Bruce Franklin) for publishing an advertisement on their website. Thank you to Miller Printing, and Ship & Copy for taking care of our printing needs.

Thank you to Fort Klock Historic Restoration and the Stone Arabia Preservation Society for providing staff and use of their sites for the bus tour. Thank you to Christina Russell for her hard work, running back and forth from the museum and college and for taking care of book sales throughout the event.

Thank you to all of our Conference Sponsors who have been supporting this event and our conferences for several years now: The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, Alpin Haus Boat & RV, America's History LLC,, Community Bank, Continental Consulting, Dr. Joseph Warren Foundation, Fulton-Montgomery Community College, Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce, Journal of the American Revolution, Knox Press,  The Mohawk Country Association, Montgomery County NY, The PastQuest Research Group, Ten Crucial Days, Westholme Publishing, and The William G. Pomeroy Foundation.

And a BIG THANK YOU goes out to the over 115 Conference Attendees and over 55 Bus Tour Participants who took part in our conference events. It was a great thing to see everyone's face and to be able to say hello in person again. We truly appreciate your support! 

-The Fort Plain Museum Board of Trustees